Antiques Roadshow comes to Knoxville

Two very good tickets

Nat was given two very nice tickets to the Antiques Roadshow in Knoxville. She deliberated over her stuff and we took four items. We stood in lines and met interesting people. Finally it was our turn. They don’t show our kind of results on the show. Not good. Still it was interesting and fun. Maybe next time.

Kayaking on the golf course

The lake levels are very high once again this year. I decided to try to get up to the golf course. We went up earlier in the year but only after lake levels had dropped a ways.

Starting up the channel it looks nice.

kayak nose on the lake
Looking up the channel from next to our dock

As I cruised up the channel I decided to hug the right side to get some shade. Doing so disturbed several blue herons and a white one that kept going up the way I was going. I disturbed him several times.

kayak nose on lake
Farther up the channel past Brian and Anne

The humidity was definitely up. I know I was over places that normally don’t have water.

kayak nose on lake
Getting to where water is rare

I’m past Bob and Kate’s place looking at the house next to them for sale. Some people were out there and I might appear in photos of the listing showing that you can kayak out back. Normally there’s not this much water here though they may have a channel they can use.

kayak nose on golf course at cart path bridge
Getting close to the bridge on the cart path

I’ve been sparing in my photos because my camera’s battery was low. I didn’t want to get to the bridge and not have a working camera. I’m almost there now. Some random weeds I’ll cross then a bunch of mint growing as well. I didn’t realize it until I went over it and broke it some.

kayak nose touching cart path bridge
Paddling up to touch the cart path bridge

Proof that I got to the bridge.

Getting through the trees between this point and the main channel was a very buggy experience. I should have remembered to take some shots coming back down. I was covered with spiders and various flying insects. I was being escorted by a pair of large dragonflies for a while looking for bugs I disturbed. I think they got their fill quickly behind me.

On the way back to my dock I encountered a cool looking piece of tree floating and pushed it up to our shore with my boat. It’ll make some good natural art when waters recede. I also spent a while unclogging my dock only to look out and see it covered today.