With a bang the old Walter’s Bridge was down.

The new bridge has been completed for a little while now and much work has been done stripping stuff off the old steel bridge. I saw something indicating that the old bridge was going to be dynamited at noon on March 20. I planned to go out and get some pictures.

As I was getting out of the shower and dressed around 9:30 I heard a powerful bang. I knew what it was right away. Dang.

Walter’s Bridge just after being dynamited into the water.

Barely visible down in the water is the old steel bridge. Behind it is the new bridge. Continue reading “With a bang the old Walter’s Bridge was down.”

This was supposed to be snow

We had such dire predictions for snow today. The roads are all brined, my vehicles are salted – thanks to the brine. But it missed us.

Not only did it miss us but we got some nice weather. When Nat called and told me she needed a couple of documents I jumped on the bike to deliver.

I did a little bit of touring on my way home. I wanted to get a look at the progress on the new bridge at Dandridge. It’s moving along kinda slowly. That seems to be the way these go around here. Maybe the concrete needs to set up for a while before they continue…

Checking on the progress on the new Dandridge bridge.

I also hit a couple of roads off 25/70 on the way home that took me into some cool areas I had never seen before. I’ll have to go back again when taking pictures is easier.