With a bang the old Walter’s Bridge was down.

The new bridge has been completed for a little while now and much work has been done stripping stuff off the old steel bridge. I saw something indicating that the old bridge was going to be dynamited at noon on March 20. I planned to go out and get some pictures.

As I was getting out of the shower and dressed around 9:30 I heard a powerful bang. I knew what it was right away. Dang.

Walter’s Bridge just after being dynamited into the water.

Barely visible down in the water is the old steel bridge. Behind it is the new bridge. Continue reading “With a bang the old Walter’s Bridge was down.”

Set out to make some simple wiring changes.

I needed to change some simple wiring in my basement. The lights in my hallway were to be included into a longer lighting path. I needed to disconnect them from the power source and swap a couple of switches from 3 way to 4 way.

light switches
Mostly normal looking light switches.

Looking into the switch box I don’t see too much out of place but there’s an odd lack of wires and a wire nut that shouldn’t be where it is. Hm.

I noticed looking at the top of the wall in the unfinished part of the basement that there were some “extra” wires coming out of the top of the wall. Continue reading “Set out to make some simple wiring changes.”

Lake level check. Morning after a night of heavy rains.

As TVA is bringing up our lake levels we had widespread heavy rains last night. It will take days for the rain to drain down into the lake but that should jump up the levels. These were taken the morning of 4/3/2014. I’ll try to add some more pics in about a week or so.

I took 4 pictures and let Google+ stitch them into a panoramic view of our little slice of the lake.

panoramic view of the lake channel behind our house.
Our lake level should jump up over the next few days. We had heavy storms through much of the night and it takes a few days to drain down into the lake. It should be fun to see how fast the lake rises. Taken 4/3/2014