Set out to make some simple wiring changes.

I needed to change some simple wiring in my basement. The lights in my hallway were to be included into a longer lighting path. I needed to disconnect them from the power source and swap a couple of switches from 3 way to 4 way.

light switches
Mostly normal looking light switches.

Looking into the switch box I don’t see too much out of place but there’s an odd lack of wires and a wire nut that shouldn’t be where it is. Hm.

I noticed looking at the top of the wall in the unfinished part of the basement that there were some “extra” wires coming out of the top of the wall. Continue reading “Set out to make some simple wiring changes.”

Room in the garage

garage with room for two cars
We FINALLY made some room

Nat and I finally got the upstairs garage more under control. We’ve stashed and stacked stuff and now can easily fit two cars in the garage.


One of the things we wanted to do was get the T-Bird out so we can drive it some. Bob wanted to see inside the “trunk” which is really just a storage space for the top and very little else.