With a bang the old Walter’s Bridge was down.

The new bridge has been completed for a little while now and much work has been done stripping stuff off the old steel bridge. I saw something indicating that the old bridge was going to be dynamited at noon on March 20. I planned to go out and get some pictures.

As I was getting out of the shower and dressed around 9:30 I heard a powerful bang. I knew what it was right away. Dang.

Walter’s Bridge just after being dynamited into the water.

Barely visible down in the water is the old steel bridge. Behind it is the new bridge.

In the zoomed in photo there is still a bit of steel bridge standing on one of the piers.

The old steel bridge is laying in the water.

As I drove across the bridge to get a good view I had to pass a large excavator driving out the bridge. Unfortunately I didn’t give it much thought. As I was talking to some TDOT workers at the boat ramp I heard a crash; the excavator was there to knock over that remaining part of the steel bridge. I missed that too.

Crane and barge on the left, downed bridge on the right.

They’ll bring that barge with crane in and pull the old steel bridge out and cart it away.